Big Fat Console Log Error

Today I used the lovely Disk Inventory X to find excess large files on my Mac.
As expected, most of the fat files were various video projects...But what's this? In logs?

A three gigabyte log file?! That's gigantic! Log files are just text, and text doesn't take up much space. So that must be a lot of text.

So I tried to find out what made the log so big. To say the least, I was unsurprised when Console locked up trying to open a 3 gigabyte log file.

Thank goodness for the command line. A bit of more action in the right directory and some paging through what started out as a normal log file got me to
[567] file:///Library/Widgets/Weather.wdgt/Weather.html:Error - Out of memory
2006-08-11 21:57:09.838 DashboardClient[567] ( undefined: Error - Out of memory (line: 0)
[567] file:///Library/Widgets/Weather.wdgt/Weather.html:Error - Out of memory
2006-08-11 21:57:09.898 DashboardClient[567] ( undefined: Error - Out of memory (line: 0)

Thank goodness that console needed to record this error every half a second for days.

Of course, the end of this file wrote out while I was on vacation.

Which begs the question--why was the Weather Widget even doing anything while my screen saver was on?

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