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Safari 11 lacks Bonjour options

For at least the past three versions of Safari, I've enabled Bonjour web sites in the Safari Favorites bar. It's handy for several different technical things I do, and has even helped me find a serious security problem at one job, where unbeknownst to any of the admins on site, quite a few embedded systems were advertising their presence via Bonjour AND they had default admin logins enabled, or no login required to get up to mischief.

Needing a Niche Mac

At home, I find I have need for a kind of Mac that Apple doesn't make any more.

I run PLEX as my media management solution. That requires a lot of disk based storage space. And I use Indigo home automation software. (Which, as an aside, is amazing and wonderful.) It's not at all processor intensive and even less graphics intensive. Though it does have some networking requirements, as it provides a web server to run what it refers to as control pages.


Evernote Publishing to Drupal without the Evernote Feeds Module or Shared Notebook RSS

I admit, I installed the feeds_evernote module on differentcomputers.com, and as it lacks an install guide, I couldn't get it to work. Or else the development status of the module means that it doesn't actually work at all yet. The result was the same: my scheme to find a way to integrate Drupal with the amazing powers of IFTTT.com had hit another roadblock.


Even Cult of Android doesn't like Galaxy Gear

Underwhelmed would be a good way to describe reviews of Samsung's smart watch offering:

The notifications are Orwellian, the media controls are exiguous, and the app selection has no substance to underpin the hype.

Galaxy Gear feels like a product that Samsung rushed to market in an effort to get a head start in the category many are calling the next big thing.

Talk about damning with faint praise:


Mac adoption case in the enterprise: Cisco has 35k Macs.

While it seems that the writer has no real awareness that Apple has workstation management solutions and has for years, this is still a good peek at how Apple can and does work well in the enterprise.


Apple Keeps Impressing

The iOS 7.02 update is out, and since I have lots of customers who need to know if they should install it, I can't wait to hear what the internet says about it. So I immediately started installing it.

I also happened to be ripping a CD in iTunes at the time.

So there I am, ripping away, downloading, no sweat. Then I get a phone call. On my iPhone. Which is right in the middle of installing. I worried, but no reason! The call came through fine on my Bluetooth headset, so I didn't have to take it out of the cradle. Call completed, I hang up and the install continues.


Google embraces the proprietary, jettisons openness.

What was all that noise I recall people yammering about how Google is so much more open than Apple?

The End of Posterous: An Opportunity or the Market's Verdict?

Arik Hanson does a great job explaining why Posterous was good, and he also points out that it apparently failed for all that it was the best  at what it did. (Though he doesn't make much room for the possibility that Twitter may have made an unexpected offer too good to refuse.) I used Posterous quite a bit over the past several years and the interruption to my workflow is going to be large.



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