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Why Mobile Innovation Is Blowing Away PCs

Why Mobile Innovation Is Blowing Away PCs

A very interesting article on the differences in the PC and mobile supply chain ecosystems and why mobile tech advances so quickly compared to PC tech.


Google is Ditching Windows!

“It would have made more people upset if they banned Macs rather than Windows”


Another reason I hate AT&T

They're just so very... corporate.

AT&T charges customers to opt out of text spam.

Really, who sat up on their hind legs in a meeting and suggested it was a good idea?

Embarq's Hosting Abilities are at Least, Cheap

I don't actually use the space that comes with our DSL contract. But wow, ignoring the whole issue of terms and conditions, Embarq's hosting is just terrible, or at least, so minimal that it is a joke. What is this, 1999? 20 megs? 15 pages? 1 Gb a month?

But in happier news, when calling to get our DSL speed raised, we not only got it raised, but got the price lowered.

Taxonomy upgrade extras:



I'm very impressed with Boxee from boxee.tv. If it talked to AirTunes, could manage a DVD player and could see iTunes playlists, it would be perfect. I rather expect it will get the first and last of those with some beta updates. Now that I have my big HDTV it looks amazing, though of course now the low rez internet shows are painfully, well, low rez.

Still, I get to see the Daily Show and Colbert without having cable and don't ever need to worry about there being nothing on TV any more. Never again ET tonight, never again Jeopardy.


Headless MacBook Core Duo 2 Case Conversion

I bought a theoretically dead, liquid damaged MacBook Core Duo 2 which turned out to have only a few things wrong with it: the power switch doesn't work because the keyboard connector cable is bad, the IR may not work, and I took its screen off to attach to a working MacBook that had a cracked screen.


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