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Big Fat Console Log Error

Today I used the lovely Disk Inventory X to find excess large files on my Mac.
As expected, most of the fat files were various video projects...But what's this? In logs?

A three gigabyte log file?! That's gigantic! Log files are just text, and text doesn't take up much space. So that must be a lot of text.

So I tried to find out what made the log so big. To say the least, I was unsurprised when Console locked up trying to open a 3 gigabyte log file.

Thank goodness for the command line. A bit of more action in the right directory and some paging through what started out as a normal log file got me to
[567] file:///Library/Widgets/Weather.wdgt/Weather.html:Error - Out of memory
2006-08-11 21:57:09.838 DashboardClient[567] (com.apple.widget.weather) undefined: Error - Out of memory (line: 0)
[567] file:///Library/Widgets/Weather.wdgt/Weather.html:Error - Out of memory
2006-08-11 21:57:09.898 DashboardClient[567] (com.apple.widget.weather) undefined: Error - Out of memory (line: 0)

Thank goodness that console needed to record this error every half a second for days.

Of course, the end of this file wrote out while I was on vacation.

Which begs the question--why was the Weather Widget even doing anything while my screen saver was on?

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Don't lose your new music in iTunes

There are lots of cool free tunes out there at places like 3hive and fat planet. But once you get them into iTunes, it's easy to lose them or at least forget them. So that wouldn't happen to me, I created this iTunes smart playlist. You might want to skip the "is not Classical" part of this, but somehow I think my BBC Beethoven doesn't belong on the same mix as Royal City's Spacey Basement. I added the "is not 1 star" bit because there are songs I've downloaded that I don't want to listen to that often, or that I don't like but haven't deleted. That gives me a handy way to boot the song off this list.
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Vista Hardware Requirements

If you're planning on buying new hardware to run Micro$oft's VISTA operating system (whenever it manages to come out) here's a reason you might want to rethink that PC purchase. Do I really need to tell you what I think you would be better off with?

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New Tricks, Old Mac

Jon Dawson, Dec 2005

Here's another, vivid example of why Macs rock.

Just this past summer, my stepmother couldn't do anything beyond web and webmail on her generic Linux PC (which used to have windoze on it, until it became too infected to use. Her local computer "expert" put Linux on it, replacing Windows, so instead of an unreliable virus prone mess of a computer, she had a reliable, confusing, unfriendly one.)
Now she's emailing me digital pictures moments after I ask her for one.

On her Mac.

Did you read her previous comment about her new mac?

Here's another, earlier post about getting ready to switch Jean.

Allow me to recoup. Here's the message I just got from her today:

"Hi! I just took this picture of your Dad"

Here's the message I got from her before I gave her my old, screen broken iBook:

Oh Mike.......once again I am so frustrated with this thing! I can't believe it is all me. I have really tried to find a different "teacher" but I have been unable to. Therefore: I have decided it must be ME. Maybe it is me and maybe I am just not capable. When you mentioned a new computer, I thought..."oh no....I will just fail again." Whatever, I would sure like to try. It is so wonderful of you to offer this opportunity!! Bell South does not recognize Linux for technical support, but they do recognize Macintosh. Maybe you will go to the book store with me and help me find a book of instructions for dummies, idiots, whatever. This is so great and I appreciate it...I truly do. Forget the clothes line, and help me with this.

What a difference. All because she has a mac, which just works.

Does your computer cause you constant trouble? Here's the answer.


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