Charlottesville iPhone Launch

iPhone Launch
82° but about 80% humidity with a not very nice parking lot for a view. Nevertheless, the AT&T store in Charlottesville may have been one of the best places to get an iPhone yesterday. About 70 people were in line at 6 pm, with more coming, but news reports claimed that the store had enough stock that they would not sell out that night or even through the whole weekend.

Img 3534

I couldn’t tell if this Apple-polo wearing guy was excited that he had already completed his purchase, or downtrodden that the line was too long for him to put up with. He was not the first guy in line. But he was walking away at quarter after six.

Img 3533

Closer in.

Parents with kids, college kids with nothing better to do and plenty of UVa staff and faculty in evidence. Someone will be calling the UVa helpdesk on Monday, wondering how to get the iPhone onto our secure network.

Img 3537

Clearly, this man's presence was necessary for the maintenance of order.

Img 3536

More cars rolled in about as fast as people made it through the line. This was a dad and daughter combo.

Img 3535

Folks getting out of the black VW got the last available parking place.

Img 3538

At least they were all in the shade.

Img 3539

All the Cool Kids are Doing it

Miss Bandana on the left spottted me taking pictures from my car. She’s totally planning to show off her new iPhone at the all-ages rave tonight. It works with MySpace!

Img 3540 Mr. AT&T Manager on Watch

Hey Mister Manager, how about mentioning to your bosses that more people will buy your products if there’s good coverage at their house? Also, we’d like to think we’re not sending $60+ a month to some evil corporation that allows warrantless wiretapping.

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