Formatting Text on Diaspora

Diaspora has a variety of ways for you to make your text less than plain. For those who know what Mark Down is, Diaspora uses a partial subset of that. But it also does things a bit like Twitter does, and a bit like Facebook stole from Twitter.

Most of these formatting tricks work in posts or in comments. But some of them only work in posts, not comments.

Formatting that works everywhere

To make something italic, surround it with _underscores._
To make something bold, surround it with **two asterisks.**
To make something bold and italic, surround it with ***three asterisks.***

For programmers needing to type out code: backslash is the escape character. If you need to type out asterisks or underscores, just precede them with a "\".

To create a clickable link that just shows the link, type the full link. is clickable, and reads as Make sure not to put any punctuation after the link! "" is not the same as ""!

To make text into a clickable link without showing the link, surround what you want displayed with [square brackets.] Then immediately follow those square brackets with the link, surrounded by parenthesis. Like so: [text to show] (link to go.) Those actually show up because I included a space between the ] and the (. Don’t do that, and it will look like a text link.

Formatting that only works in posts, not comments

If you want to mention someone in a post and get their attention so you know they are mentioned, you can include an “@ mention.” If you are used to how it works on Twitter or Facebook, it is similar. Type an @, then immediately start typing a person’s Diaspora user name. A menu pops up right away listing everyone whose user name matches what you typed. As you type more characters of their name, more and more people drop off, and you can also click on a name to have it autocomplete.

Part Three: Tips and Tricks for Using Diaspora's Aspects.


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