Zune Hack

Bring on the Zune Hacks!

Based on the wide variety of lackluster and hostile reviews, the Zune is heading the way of Nehru jackets, Audreys and Newtons.Considering how poorly thought out many of the technical features of the Zune are, it is no surprise. I imagine a time a few months from now when retailers dump their unsold Zunes for substantial discounts. Since Microsoft's margins on a consumer device must be razor thin, once the clearance discounts start, a Zune will probably be worth more as parts than as a whole device. So, like these previous devices in search of customers, before you know it industrious hackers will be tearing Zunes apart in order to use the drive, screen and other internal parts for their own hardware projects. I'm sure the software guys will also work hard to break into the Zune's operating system, just like they found a way to turn the Xbox into the Xbox media center. Just like hackers are already working hard to do to the Xbox 360. I can't wait to see what comes first. Here are a few of my guesses:

  • Linux (really a prerequisite for many of the following things)
  • wireless-based walkie-talkie (does Zune have sound in? No specs I could find list it)
  • MAME Compatibility
  • Doom

What hacks do you imagine will be possible on the Zune platform?
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