Headless MacBook Core Duo 2 Case Conversion

I bought a theoretically dead, liquid damaged MacBook Core Duo 2 which turned out to have only a few things wrong with it: the power switch doesn't work because the keyboard connector cable is bad, the IR may not work, and I took its screen off to attach to a working MacBook that had a cracked screen.

My plan is to use this headless MacBook as my DVR/Front Row/Boxee TV machine using an EyeTV 250. This all works right now, though I may need to buy a Manta TR1 for remote control if my corrosion cleaning doesn't fix the built in IR. I also need to rig a method of turning it on more elegant than shorting pin 4 to ground on the main board's keyboard connector. Not terribly difficult issues. And considering I got the "dead" MacBook for $200, worth doing.

When it is all put together, I'll have what I hope is an elegant DVR that cost me less than a Mac Mini or even an Apple TV, while having more horsepower and flexibility than either. I had originally planned to make an "SE 30 W" using two Mac Plus cases I have lying around, but I have come to realize that the tall mac plus form factor is less than ideal for my soon-to-exist media cabinet that will go below the not-yet-purchased >46" wall mount tv that I may get as early as Black Friday.

So, I need a case for this thing that allows port and DVD access. I don't mind taking the whole assembly out of its lower case, though leaving it in is certainly easier. I don't care about the battery capabilities, and the drive is easy to move from its normal mounting position, so I could even cut the whole front off the footprint of it if I wanted to go taller by stacking things up.

Other things to add only a few are required:

  1. A mount for the built-in iSight and mic.
  2. A second internally mounted "external" hard drive, since DVRs use a lot of drive space. The drive that came with it was a moderately generous 120 gigs, but we will outgrow that with two iTunes libraries, iPhoto, and some recorded programs.
  3. If it proves necessary, the Manta TR1 would be nice if it was internal.
  4. Moving the MacBook's power supply inside the case would be more elegant. Again, not mandatory.
  5. I don't want to pay for a power supply that comes with a case when I won't use it.
  6. It can't block radio waves for the Airport or Bluetooth.
  7. It should cost less than a replacement LCD screen! A lot less. They run about $170. I would get grumpy spending more than $50.

Our tastes run to the minimalist and modern, not the steampunk or art nouveau. Though deco would be nice.
This will be in our Rec/TV room, so it can't look ugly.

Your suggestions?
So, what brilliant ideas do you have for a case for this salvaged MacBook?
Left in the existing bottom case, it is 8.75" by 12.75' x 5/8" high. If I cut back the battery bay and moved the hard drive on top of the DVD drive, let's say it would be 6" instead of 8.75".

By the way, special thanks to wolphcry whose notes on his MacBook mod gave me the hint I needed to get this MacBook booting again!
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