I Probably Know your Password

I Probably Know your PasswordEverybody loves convenience, especially when it comes to remembering things. So most people pick easy to use and easy to remember passwords. Unfortunately, memorable passwords are often easily guessed.

Here are a few guesses of mine. Do you have a password that matches one of these Passwords Not to Use?

  • password
    12345 (etc.)
    your initials
    your initials and the number 1
    your birth date or anniversary as a number
    spouse/significant other's name
    kid's names
    any professional sports team name
    rude terms for bodily functions derived from the anglo-saxon
    your user name
    your user name backwards
    your car license tag
    Don't use any of the above with 5 for an S, 1 for an I, 3 for an E, or zero for an O. For example:
  • Things to use if you can't think of something else

    the name of your first pet, adding 2 or more numbers to the start or end. For example: Tiger63 or 59Spotty

  • Have more than one password

    You have a password for your internet account, for your log-in to work and also for some web sites you visit like eBay.
    Don't make them all the same! Keep two or three passwords for different classes of things:
    internet accounts
    work logins
    web sites
    online banking

    Why? If you use the same password for everything, then one person learning it can mess with everything about your electronic self. With only one password, someone can lock you out of your internet service by changing your password on you, then go wild on eBay with your account, hack your remote connection to work and steal or erase job info and empty your bank account. All while you're on hold with technical support trying to figure out why your internet connection isn't working! Now that's inconvenient!
    To make sure your Mac is secure, contact Different Computers. That's easier than reading stuff like this!


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Purchasing Assistance
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