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Macintosh installation, troubleshooting, repair, training and
network design for individuals and organizations.

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Our very simple mission statement:

Our goal is for you to love your Macintosh.

Here's how we do it.

Set up and Installation

So you just bought a Macintosh. Or 50 Macintoshes. Call us for help getting your new computer zooming, or to get those 50 computers up and on a network. Save yourself the hassles of configuring email and web browsers while gaining the benefits from computers set up the way they should be.



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Set up

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Want to learn how to
really use your Mac?

Purchasing Assistance

Can't decide between a PowerBook and an iBook? Curious if you should buy now or in two weeks? Are you wondering how to get the best deal? Call Different Computers for a consultation.

Is your Mac sick?

Need a Network?

Want a Web site?

Do you have a backup?

FileMaker Pro Customization

Link your quotes to your jobs, your timesheets to your invoices, your archived work to your web site with the power of FileMaker Pro - a powerful, expandable cross-platform database program. FileMaker handles anything from your CD archive to total office automation.

Appleshare IP Servers

Which Mac for you?

Macs and other computer
stuff for sale


Tired of only using a little bit of your computer? We provide personalized training on how to become a Macintosh "power user."



Trouble getting your new iBook logged into the NT server on your network? We can show you how to do it.


Network Design

The cable company won't tell you how to get your three home Macs on a network. We can. We'll show you how to get everyone on the internet, how to get everyone backed up, and how to access your home Mac when you're not at home. If your business still relies on modems to connect to the rest of the world, call us to untangle the confusing world of DSL, cable modems, ISDN and other dedicated internet access.


Web site Consultation

It's easy to build your own Web site-and it's easy to build it wrong, or with the wrong tools. Learn some tips and tricks to building good-looking, fast Web sites.


Backup Strategy

Would it ruin your day if all your data disappeared? Do you have a copy of all your latest emails, work records, homework, PhotoShop files? If you don't, you need a backup strategy. We can show you how.


AppleShare IP Server Configuration

AppleShare IP is an amazing tool for improving the efficiency of small offices, and a very cost effective alternative to NT servers for large offices. The big savings come with the day-to-day maintenance of your server–instead of having to pay a dedicated server engineer, most Appleshare server maintenance can be handled by a trained end-user.


Equipment for Sale

All computer companies end up with extra equipment. Here's some of ours, for very low prices.



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