The Office 2008 12.2.7 Update expects you to be an IT pro

I just ran Microsoft autoupdate and was told I needed to quit the following three applications for the update to complete:


Sure, the first two are easy. Real applications, no problem--though I wonder why Safari, an Apple application, interferes with a Microsoft update. Makes me think Office 2011 puts its fingers into things it shouldn't!

But SyncServicesAgent?? Really?? That's a faceless background application! Most users won't even know it is running and they certainly won't know how to exit it. Nor will they have any idea how to make it run again if they stop it.

In essence, MicroSoft expects the user to be a computer expert. No surprise on Windows, where lack of moderately sophisticated knowledge gets you in huge trouble, but with the Mac OS, I've never before seen an installer that required quitting a background agent process.

Very poor programming, Microsoft!
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