The End of Posterous: An Opportunity or the Market's Verdict?

Arik Hanson does a great job explaining why Posterous was good, and he also points out that it apparently failed for all that it was the best  at what it did. (Though he doesn't make much room for the possibility that Twitter may have made an unexpected offer too good to refuse.) I used Posterous quite a bit over the past several years and the interruption to my workflow is going to be large. It strikes me as odd that most of the complaint focus is on being a blog platform, when all I really used it for was its amazing autopost services.

It makes me wonder if there really is a niche out there for a global cross-posting service, in particular one that allows posting via email. All I know is I fired up Ecto for the first time in a year or more this week, and I'm fiddling around at looking for ways to post once and have it appear everywhere. (This very article is the first I've written that will be automatically posted to linkedin from by magic.) Ifttt almost fits the bill, but it seems like every service it uses to turn Google+ pages into an RSS feed is currently offline. Probably because they're overwhelmed, which speaks to Google's need to include an RSS feed option.

Then there's the problem that seems to love WordPress, and I long ago standardized all my sites on Drupal. I sure wish Apple's iPhoto shared stream had an RSS feed built in too! That would give just the hooks it needs to allow all sorts of auto posting magic.

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