Evernote Publishing to Drupal without the Evernote Feeds Module or Shared Notebook RSS

I admit, I installed the feeds_evernote module on differentcomputers.com, and as it lacks an install guide, I couldn't get it to work. Or else the development status of the module means that it doesn't actually work at all yet. The result was the same: my scheme to find a way to integrate Drupal with the amazing powers of IFTTT.com had hit another roadblock.

Back to the web. Searched for "evernote rss feed" and found that, of course, you can take things out of an RSS feed and add them to Evernote (part of my plan involves this with IFTTT) but the sad news is that Evernote disabled the RSS feeds for public notebooks last spring. Another dead end?

But in my various fiddlings-around, I tried the beta of Postash.io and found that works pretty well. And it produces an RSS feed!

So to do what I want, I have:

  • Created a Postash.io account and linked it to my Evernote.
  • Created a Postash.io Notebook in Evernote. (I made it public, but it doesn't have to be. Dumb to put anything private in it!)
  • Created a new feed in this Drupal site's Feed Aggregator of the postash.io site and configured a Block for it to appear in.

As I add things tagged "published" to that notebook, they appear on the Postash.io site. With an RSS feed. Which I can grab from differentcomputers.com's feed aggregator.

It all works! Well, kind of. I'm getting RSS formatting errors and at the moment I'm unsure if this is because Drupal is picky or because Evernote uses some non-standard text formatting. Simple stuff works, but, ironically, this very article, which I started as a test just to have something to publish, is kicked back by the Feed Aggregator with a Very Unhelpful Message.

Once I iron out the bugs, since Evernote is robustly integrated into IFTTT, I have tremendous flexibility about how and what I can now publish here! I expect this will just about allow me to stop using Ecto, my always-a-bit-flaky XML-RPC posting client.

Want to learn to harness Evernote's power?



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