Safari 11 lacks Bonjour options

For at least the past three versions of Safari, I've enabled Bonjour web sites in the Safari Favorites bar. It's handy for several different technical things I do, and has even helped me find a serious security problem at one job, where unbeknownst to any of the admins on site, quite a few embedded systems were advertising their presence via Bonjour AND they had default admin logins enabled, or no login required to get up to mischief.

As of yesterday with the release of Safari 11, options for enabling display of Bonjour websites is gone. Sure you can still statically bookmark them once you find them, but the joy and convenience of the Bonjour folder in Favorites is that it dynamically updated to show you all Bonjour sites active where you were at that moment.

Hopefully this will be something that can be re-enabled in the Safari Developer Menu in Safari 11.1.


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