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Mac adoption case in the enterprise: Cisco has 35k Macs.

While it seems that the writer has no real awareness that Apple has workstation management solutions and has for years, this is still a good peek at how Apple can and does work well in the enterprise.


The End of Posterous: An Opportunity or the Market's Verdict?

Arik Hanson does a great job explaining why Posterous was good, and he also points out that it apparently failed for all that it was the best  at what it did. (Though he doesn't make much room for the possibility that Twitter may have made an unexpected offer too good to refuse.) I used Posterous quite a bit over the past several years and the interruption to my workflow is going to be large.


The Office 2008 12.2.7 Update expects you to be an IT pro

I just ran Microsoft autoupdate and was told I needed to quit the following three applications for the update to complete:


Sure, the first two are easy. Real applications, no problem--though I wonder why Safari, an Apple application, interferes with a Microsoft update. Makes me think Office 2011 puts its fingers into things it shouldn't!

But SyncServicesAgent?? Really?? That's a faceless background application! Most users won't even know it is running and they certainly won't know how to exit it. Nor will they have any idea how to make it run again if they stop it.

In essence, MicroSoft expects the user to be a computer expert. No surprise on Windows, where lack of moderately sophisticated knowledge gets you in huge trouble, but with the Mac OS, I've never before seen an installer that required quitting a background agent process.

Very poor programming, Microsoft!


Why Mobile Innovation Is Blowing Away PCs

Why Mobile Innovation Is Blowing Away PCs

A very interesting article on the differences in the PC and mobile supply chain ecosystems and why mobile tech advances so quickly compared to PC tech.


Embarq's Hosting Abilities are at Least, Cheap

I don't actually use the space that comes with our DSL contract. But wow, ignoring the whole issue of terms and conditions, Embarq's hosting is just terrible, or at least, so minimal that it is a joke. What is this, 1999? 20 megs? 15 pages? 1 Gb a month?

But in happier news, when calling to get our DSL speed raised, we not only got it raised, but got the price lowered.

Taxonomy upgrade extras:



I'm very impressed with Boxee from If it talked to AirTunes, could manage a DVD player and could see iTunes playlists, it would be perfect. I rather expect it will get the first and last of those with some beta updates. Now that I have my big HDTV it looks amazing, though of course now the low rez internet shows are painfully, well, low rez.

Still, I get to see the Daily Show and Colbert without having cable and don't ever need to worry about there being nothing on TV any more. Never again ET tonight, never again Jeopardy.


iPod touch: It Doesn't Touch the Mail?

Why in the world would the new, otherwise super-cool-give-me-one-now iPod Touch not include the same Mail application that comes on the iPhone? Can anyone explain a business reason for this? I can't imagine there's a technical reason, since Mail already works on the iPhone.

Sure, an 8 GB iPod touch might not be the best thing for syncing two or three big email accounts, but default download preferences for IMAP accounts could fix that issue.

So I can only think of a business issue, something that I'm no analyst of. All the lack of Mail on the touch does is drive everyone to their various webmail gateways, which does fix the problem of storing mail on the touch, but I still don't see why. Apple has nothing to gain by that, since dot Mac mail isn't advertising supported. Until Yahoo, gmail and the other big webmail providers have a good versions of their interface for iPhone and touch, the user experience for touch users will be terrible.


Four Hundred Feet from an iPhone

While I have very mixed feelings about AT&T ("Your world. Delivered. to the NSA.) still the lure of the iPhone is very very strong. I'm free and clear on my current cell service through Alltel. I even held off on refreshing to new phones to avoid a recommitment to a new year-long plan, just to be free to switch to an iPhone if it looked as good as I thought it would.

With the announcement of AT&T's "affordable" (that is, not horrifyingly expensive) monthly plans, I'm ready to buy.

Except for this.

AT&T Coverage Map
I can taste the disappointment. Even my wife has said "those iPhones sure look cool."

Come on, AT&T, I'm not that far out in the country.

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